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"YOU DON'T KNOW DICK!"starring... Handsome Dick Manitoba

May 21, 2021

Old pal, major league baseball official scorer for the Yankees and the Mets, College prof, music museum curator, and author, BILLY ALTMAN is HERE!, NOW!, on "YOU DON'T KNOW DICK!", the HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA PODCAST

May 9, 2021

Accomplished writer,(wrestling autobio's, John Lennon, and many more) wrestling historian, writer for decades for the WWE magazine, producer of America's most wanted, and now a BOSS  covering crime for CNN, one of the most interesting, bright, and big hearted men I know, with AMAZING STORIES, the soft spoken!,KEITH...

May 1, 2021

She will not be a guest, but a semi-regular with Handsome Dick Manitoba, covering the state of OUR favorite game, BASEBALL!...She is BULLPEN BETTY, and she KNOWS HER SHIT, although she's often off the mark on social issues...Please enjoy BB & HDM on, the "YOU DON'T KNOW DICK!" PODCAST...& go to HANDSOMEDICKMANITOBA.COM...